New Discovery Helps You Create Recording Studio Quality Music Beats In Less Than 10 Minutes

I know what your thinking, you are probably asking yourself how could anyone with absolutely no music production knowledge, possibly be able to create professional sounding music beats within minutes.

The answer to that question is simple, yes they can. How? They have found a one of a kind beat maker software with step by step, easy to follow and comprehend tutorials and the ability to do it all from their own computer.

It is very easy to create music beats if you have the right software, tools and features to do so. I will now go through the process on how this great new discovery beats creator software allows you to make those beats you have only dreamed about in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 (The layout)

First you start with a standalone urban sequencer. For the first step you have the options to pick a layout for your beat project then you can choose the bar count you want to use and pick a tempo for your beats.

Your next step will be to pick a genre you want to use and the sequencer will load the genre sounds you chose.

You will name your file, pick the quantifying you want and press start. Simply enough right? let’s continue:

Once the start button is pressed a project will open that is loaded with amazing samples and functions for you to choose from. Some of which include; Fast functions to save remotely, import your music beats wav’s files and export 44.1-16 bit-ST

You will also have an option to choose 16 stereo tracks like drums, keys or MIC. You also get the ability to browse sounds and drum kits.

Choose keyboard triggers to play and record keys or drums from your computers keyboard just to name a few.

Step 2 (Drums)

once you have completed step 1 a well crafted drum sequencer and editor appears. Here you will be able to easily select a drum kit or edit and create new ones. You can also Draw or tap in your music beats.

Use the amazing pad technology to edit the sound or volume for each pad and play pads that have triggers

Step 3 (Keys)

After completing step 2 you will see the keys board which includes Instruments, Hits, Quality Banks, Stabs and much more. See a custom sound sample library that has thousands of sounds which are automatically updated monthly for free.

Use a 4 Octave Smart keyboard that let’s you easily select your sound, edit and create new sounds and draw in or tap in your beats right from your computer.

That’s all there is to it. You will now export and save your music beats file that will export it in broadcast quality sound for you to do whatever you want with it.

Congratulations you have now just completed your first recording studio quality killer beat in as little as 10 minutes

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How to Use VST Downloads to Mix and Create Your Own Music – VST Plugins and Instruments Plug Ins

Lets assume, you have all the neat software and everything you need to produce an amazing pop song. You know how you want to compose it. You have a state of the art computer and you’re ready to go. But now what? You just don’t know where to begin.

When you performed your vst download you figured you would be up and composing within minutes right? Well hopefully by the time you have finished this article you will be well on your way to creating your first piece of computer music.

If you have been trying to do some research, then you may be a little overwhelmed with the contradictory information on the web. No doubt, you will come across a great variation of individuals who claim to have discovered the perfect sound. Remember one thing all you need to learn is the basics that are used on the charts today. They are a proven success and this is what you need when you begin to utilize your vst download.

To begin with make up your mind that if you want top class results you are going to have to spend some serious time at it. If you want something that you can just throw together, then just go and experiment whenever you have the time. The following information is geared to helping you get the most from your vst download.

You most likely have the basic multi-track that consists of about 8 drum tracks, at least one base track. Then along with this, some instruments such as keyboards and guitar. Then you vocals. You may be also have some percussion tracks as well. Plus you will need at least a traditional multichannel mixed along with some other basic items as well. Next step is to familiarize yourself with all that you own in conjunction with your vst download.

Step 1
Do you basic recording which will be your starting point.

Step 2
Now start your initial mixing. Do not jump directly here to start. Do your prep work as outline above first.

Step 3
Start using your noise gates, which is a device geared towards letting sound come through if it is louder than the set amount.

Step 4
Work on the padding, determine if you want this or you primarily want the lead instruments to do the work.

Step 5
Be sure to save your mix and take a break.

Step 6
Now move onto adding the main parts. Utilize your VST download to the fullest extent to get the sound you are looking for.

Step 7
Pay closer attention to your equalization and processing of the major parts of your music that you have compiled up to this point.

Step 8
If you are limited with the amount of tracks that you have, you can involve some tract sharing here.

From this point on you should be well versed with all of your VST download. You should have composed a pretty good piece. Don’t stop here, now continue on adding all the fine tuning that you think it requires. Strive for the ultimate recording possible. Who knows you may very well be the next top composer.