A Music Business Plan is Indeed in Need!

So you’ve got the guys or gals together and you’re starting the next best music thing since the The Beatles. You’re guitarist is slamming riffs down like Fat Albert at an all you can eat breakfast buffet, your bass player is shaking your mom’s windows to the core, your drummer is ripping out Neil Peart drumrolls and your vocalist can break glass with her pipes. What’s next? How do you go about getting out of your mom’s basement or garage and into the real world of fame and fortune that’s been waiting for you…

The reality is that for many of you the road to good paying gigs and a handful of fans won’t come easy and it won’t be quick.

You’re going to have to put some work into this music business thing and shed some blood sweat and tears to make it happen. But hey, you’re ready for that aren’t you? I mean that’s why you’ve spent all these years practicing your scales and drum solos for hours on end, right?

Good. I’m glad to see that you’re feet are on the ground and that you’re not sending your band out into the world with some pie in the sky idea that this music business gig is going to be a breeze… That you’re going to play your tracks out in the streets and be discovered overnight. That’s not you right? Because if it is… this is probably not the right article for you.

Where Do You Begin?

You know that to make it in the music business you’ll need to be a business savvy marketing machine and take the time to learn the ins and outs of marketing your product (yes your music is a product). Expose it to the masses!

Of course you’re so ahead of the game that you also know that the masses we speak of are way too big a target for you and your music. In fact… you’re so ahead of the game that you know that you’ve got to start right in your own home town. Right? Excellent!

Now, before you start breaking down walls in your mom’s house to set up the band’s office, you’ve got to sit down with all members of your band and really evaluate what it is you all want to achieve.

Are expectations totally in line with the band as a whole? If they aren’t, it’s best to find this out before you go out and make yourselves known. There’s nothing worse than beginning a marketing and exposure campaign only to find out that your bass player isn’t really into it. Come to an understanding of exactly where it is you all expect to be in this music business within the next 2 to 3 years and get off your trombones and start the process of making it happen.

Remember, all successful endeavours start with a plan. Yeah sure Duss! You say we need a plan but how do I go about making one? Good question.

You Need A Music Business Plan My Friend

Your music business plan can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. In general, the best music business plans are ones that are well researched and have been thought through and through before implementation. So doing your homework is a must. Absolutely necessary.

Once you’ve made it this far and you’ve determined what your bands’ ultimate goals are, it’s time to go through the process of researching what’s needed to begin to make them happen. Take it one step at a time and complete each goal one by one like walking on stepping stones to cross the stream. Perform each task you’ve planned to complete in order and you’ll slowly find that your building blocks (remember how fun Lego was when you were a kid?) will naturally take you to the completion of your ultimate goal. Music business success!

Now I realize that some of the musicians in the world really have no head for the music business and if this is you, you’ve got to get your head out of the ground. There’s no room for ostrich style musicians here in the world of independent music. They really do get left in the dust. You NEED to do everything to you can to market your music to your fans. Believe me they want to be sold to. They already love your shows and your music so why not learn a little bit about how to properly get it in their hands. You just might make a little money to be able to do it again and again and… well you get the point.

If you’re a musician and you’re not doing everything you can to learn more about your business believe me your neighbor is and his band is the one getting the gigs that you can’t or worse yet, don’t even try to get. You don’t want to be left behind so hop to it. No time for excuses…

This Is The Real World

I’ve really got to tell it like it is my music friends. The music industry is a tough business and if you don’t have the drive and the determination to learn, learn and learn some more about how to run your band like a business… you can bet your bottom dollar that the ever elusive mountain of success will keep rising and rising as it moves ever so slowly away from you and your lazy self. Yes. Lazy!

You’re here in Barrie, Ontario. One of the best places north of the big smoke to be involved in music and believe me this is not a take me by the hand and fill my eyes with lights and glam music business talk I’m offering you my friend.

I’m here to provide you with the real. The music business is hard. Really, really hard and only those with backbones of steel and the determination of a bull will find success. Even with all that there’s no real guarantee you’ll achieve all of your goals. The good news is that you CAN find SOME amount of success. You just need to start with a plan.

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Musical Fast Track Lesson 2 – Put Yourself On a Mission

In the last lesson of “21 Great Ways to Become a Monster Jazz Musician” we talked about musical values. We talked about how making choices based on our values will focus our musical efforts and ensure an individual and original sound and approach, the goal of all jazz musicians. In this lesson we will talk about being “on a mission.”

Now that you have determined your values and what’s important to you musically, the next step is to create your mission statement. In a nut shell, this is the ultimate purpose and objective of your practicing, gigging, listening, studying and composing. This is a sentence that explains what you are aiming to accomplish.

Think about it this way: When NASA sends a shuttle on a “mission” to space, they have a reason for it. They don’t just say, “Hey, we’ve got nothing to do today, let’s send the shuttle up into space, for fun.” They send it up for a reason. They send it up to put a satellite into orbit, to repair the XYZ doo-hickey on the space station and to complete a particular experiment. Now, it seems ridiculous to send the space shuttle into orbit and spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours of work for no purpose–in other words, with no mission. So why would you want to spend thousands of hours practicing and thousands of dollars going to school and studying with no purpose for your music?

Write down your mission. Write down in words what it is you plan to accomplish with music. What is your main focus? Don’t rush this. Spend some time thinking about it. Writing down your mission or “major definite purpose” will have profound effects on your musical progress. Without a mission it’s as if you are on a road trip with no destination or reason in mind. This might sound like fun for awhile, but unless you are extremely lucky and the exception to the rule, you will end up nowhere. If you intend to make a major contribution to jazz and become a monster jazz musician, you must have a purpose and a mission.

Here’s a great exercise to help you get started on your mission statement: Write a eulogy for yourself. What would you want people to say about your music after you’re gone? What do you want to be remembered for? What will be your legacy? If you know the answers to these questions, you are in the minority and on the fast track to realizing your musical dreams.

Once you have crafted a mission statement, use it as a springboard. Refer to it when you are making your practice routines. Refer to it when you start a new musical project or even buy a new method book. Use it to help you make all of your music-related choices.

Action Step1: Write your own eulogy. How do you want to be remembered?

Action Step 2: Get a blank piece of paper. At the top write your new mission statement. Remember, this is the ultimate goal of your musical journey. Next, write your list of values. These will be your guides and signposts on your mission. Refer to the list of your favorite players from Lesson One if you need inspiration. You have now begun a strong foundation to support yourself on your way to success.

In our next lesson we’ll start to get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about deciding exactly what you want to learn and achieve with music. Until next time…