Music Production Techniques – Steps to a Good Mix

Creating a great mix starts with organization – you need to organize how you will go about it. If you want to mix like the pros then you want to create the best mix and you can achieve this by breaking it down into small pieces. Here are the steps to create the best mix by breaking it down into small steps that are easy to focus on.

Step 1 – The Drum and Bass Beat

The first thing you should focus on is the drum beat or the bass side of your track. No matter what the style of music is that you want to create (rap, hip hop, house, rock…) the drum beats or bass-line will be the foundation of your track as you will be constructing your track around this so make sure it is good.

Step 2 – Insert The Vocals

Vocals aren’t essential but if you are having them in your track insert them now to make things easier for yourself.

Step 3 – Add In The Melody

The next step is all your extra instruments otherwise known as the melody. This is instruments like the piano, guitar or woodwind etc. However, one thing you need to make sure you don’t add yet is percussion as this goes in at the end.

Step 4 – Add In The Final Percussion and Finalise

The final step is to add in percussion to your track where you see necessary and the all that is left is to clean the track up. Make sure nothing clashes and make it your priority to make sure that the melody and bass-line do not clash – they should complement each other.