How To Put Music On Your Sony PSP

Well,you have bought yourself a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and you have been wondering how to put music on it.You have come to the right place.It’s not too difficult and i will give you instructions step by step to get you going.So lets get started!
First of all,The PSP will only play songs that are in MP3 format.Either you will have to have downloaded some MP3 songs off of the internet from such programs as ITunes or copy your favorite CD to your computers hard drive via custom programs that are available on the net.

The first thing you will have to get,if you dont already have one,is a CD Ripper.This utility tool will allow you to pull (or Rip) the music that you have on CD already.After the music is “ripped”,your next step is to download it to your PSP.

Next you will need is a Video Converter.This will help you convert all of the video and audio files you like into the format for your PSP,which is MP3.This is a cool device because it will allow you to listen to music as well as watch and listen to music videos!!……..Lets get started loading!

The first thing you will want to do is load the CD you want to rip the song(s) to your PSP.Then you will hit “extract and encode” on the CD ripper.
Now,to transfer or download the music to your PSP,you will have to be connected properly.To do this,just connect the PSP to your PC via a USB cable and copy your MP3 file(s) into “H:PSPMUSIC”..(where H is the drive of your PSP).