Dare to Act – The Next Step Towards the Top of Success

In the preceding part of this article ‘Dare to Dream’, you are advised not to keep you dreams inside your head, but to pour them out into written facts as your first step of a long journey towards success.

Wise men say that some people dream for success but just remain dreaming all the time, while some others wake up form their dream and immediately set off to work hard to get what they dream of. It is for sure that dreaming without doing will only make you a fleeting dreamer.

Laziness is one great obstacle to people trying to reach some success, and not even such a person like Bill Gates was spared. But what makes the difference is that he was able to free himself from the destructive grip of laziness.

I will tell you a parable. There are 2 men, let’s just call them A and B. In the morning, when alarm clock ring, both of them wake up. Both A and B still very sleepy and lazy. A gets in his blanket again and continue to sleep. B push himself to get up from the bed, take a shower and go to work.

Successful people are those who manage to beat laziness that is ever present gnawing everyone’s life. In the first place, everyone has the ability to deal with laziness. It is only matter of choice whether to strive against it to beat it or simply give in to its temptation.

Mary Kay Ash, a prominent figure in cosmetic business, once said that most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They are either too lazy or too discouraged to try.

To act does have its risks, but it is much nobler, irrelevant to the insult, than just to sit back and dream some success away.

So if you dare to act and start doing whatever it takes to reach your dreams, then you do have taken one right step towards success which not every person has the nerve to even try.