When You Are Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Guitar Playing

When I first bought my guitar, I was lucky to have several friends who already played the instrument. Some of them had been guitarists for many years, and had played in a variety of bands that covered several different styles of music. Others had only been playing a few years, but had taken lessons during that entire time, giving them a firm understanding of musical theory and a good technical background. As I began my journey down the road to becoming a guitarist, my friends became my guides, helping me to learn new techniques and correcting some of the mistakes that I made when I started to learn guitar scales for beginners.

While I appreciated all of the time and effort that my friends were making for me in terms of teaching me how to learn the guitar, I slowly realized that not every musician out there is cut out to be a teacher. Some of my friends meant well, but just weren’t capable of properly explaining the guitar concepts that they had already mastered. Others would get frustrated when I didn’t learn as fast as they expected me to, and their lack of patience really made me feel like I was somehow doing something wrong. Eventually, even my most talented friends simply ran out of things to teach me. My playing began to plateau, and I wondered how I could take things to the next level.

Since I was working and going to school at the same time, I didn’t really have the regular schedule that I would have needed in order to take lessons from a professional guitar teacher. I knew I wasn’t interested in picking up a book and learning that way – that just wasn’t how my mind worked. I had tried to learn from books at the very beginning of my guitar playing, and it just never seemed to make any sense to me. I needed to have someone demonstrate a technique before I could internalize it, so I set out online to see if there was anything out there that met my specific needs as a guitarist.

That is how I discovered this website. I was amazed when I discovered that there were real instructors who had put together interactive lessons to show guitarists at almost any level how to improve their playing. The first day I was on the site, I picked up some really useful tips on how to play the pentatonic scale that corrected some of the errors I had been making. Not only were the subjects interesting and helpful, but I could pause them when I needed to and rewind them if I wanted to see and hear something over again. I could even interact with the instructors if I wanted to. The whole structure of the lessons seemed to be designed to let me move ahead at my own pace, and it was great to learn like that instead of having one of my friends breathing down my neck and pushing me to move on to the next technique.

The cost of using the site was also something that impressed me. For a low monthly fee, I can access the site 24/7, which is great for someone like me who has to deal with a constantly changing work schedule. Plus, if things get too busy on my end, I know I can cancel the site any time I want to and then pick it up again later when my life slows down a bit. It’s almost like the site was tailored to my needs as a musician. I finally have the tools to improve and learn how to play the guitar in the form of an online resource that is both affordable and convenient.

Satellite Internet – The Next Step in Getting Connected

These days, there really is no excuse for not taking advantage of the amazing technology that is available. With competitors working against one another, prices have dropped and we as consumers have benefited enormously from this competition. One area in particular that consumers have seen lower and lower prices is in the computer market. So many more people have access to computers than ever before. If you are a elementary school student, you will be expected to hand in typed papers the majority of the time. The spread of technology has had an amazing leveling effect on everything that we do. Buying a computer is still an expensive investment, but one that you can be almost sure will last for the next few years. The spread of computers to consumers has led to different markets opening up as well. Companies now race against one another to build the fastest Internet connection available in order to appeal to consumers. Again, we consumers benefit, seeing great deals on the internet that we have never enjoyed before.

Long gone are the days where you would need to plug into a wall using a cable to find the Internet. Today, most cafes and public libraries offer this service for free. These public spaces may offer the Internet for free, but it is surely much less reliable than what you want to be working with ordinarily. I’ve found that in a public library it is often very difficult to watch a video online or download music quickly. It is to the point where I almost don’t bother attempting these actions. In these situations, I return home to my satellite internet and continue downloading from home. In the end, it becomes the most convenient thing to do.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one who gets to use satellite Internet broadband. I say that this is a good thing because the more people who have it, the more people will be sharing files and downloading videos and music faster than ever. It is nice to know that people are realizing that they don’t have to stay limited by the speed of their Internet. People simply want things faster. There is a market for the faster version and soon enough, it will become what everyone is asking for. Then it will become something that we expect.

We live in extraordinary times. Products such as satellite Internet have taken what once was a slow and unreliable tool, the Internet, and turned it into something that we simply take for granted. This product is the latest of several improvements and it reflects the consumers demand for greater speed and reliability from our Internet provider. It is strange to think back to what computers used to look like, and how only a decade ago many of us didn’t even own a personal computer. As computers have improved, so have the technologies that make them integral to our livelihoods.

New Discovery Helps You Create Recording Studio Quality Music Beats In Less Than 10 Minutes

I know what your thinking, you are probably asking yourself how could anyone with absolutely no music production knowledge, possibly be able to create professional sounding music beats within minutes.

The answer to that question is simple, yes they can. How? They have found a one of a kind beat maker software with step by step, easy to follow and comprehend tutorials and the ability to do it all from their own computer.

It is very easy to create music beats if you have the right software, tools and features to do so. I will now go through the process on how this great new discovery beats creator software allows you to make those beats you have only dreamed about in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 (The layout)

First you start with a standalone urban sequencer. For the first step you have the options to pick a layout for your beat project then you can choose the bar count you want to use and pick a tempo for your beats.

Your next step will be to pick a genre you want to use and the sequencer will load the genre sounds you chose.

You will name your file, pick the quantifying you want and press start. Simply enough right? let’s continue:

Once the start button is pressed a project will open that is loaded with amazing samples and functions for you to choose from. Some of which include; Fast functions to save remotely, import your music beats wav’s files and export 44.1-16 bit-ST

You will also have an option to choose 16 stereo tracks like drums, keys or MIC. You also get the ability to browse sounds and drum kits.

Choose keyboard triggers to play and record keys or drums from your computers keyboard just to name a few.

Step 2 (Drums)

once you have completed step 1 a well crafted drum sequencer and editor appears. Here you will be able to easily select a drum kit or edit and create new ones. You can also Draw or tap in your music beats.

Use the amazing pad technology to edit the sound or volume for each pad and play pads that have triggers

Step 3 (Keys)

After completing step 2 you will see the keys board which includes Instruments, Hits, Quality Banks, Stabs and much more. See a custom sound sample library that has thousands of sounds which are automatically updated monthly for free.

Use a 4 Octave Smart keyboard that let’s you easily select your sound, edit and create new sounds and draw in or tap in your beats right from your computer.

That’s all there is to it. You will now export and save your music beats file that will export it in broadcast quality sound for you to do whatever you want with it.

Congratulations you have now just completed your first recording studio quality killer beat in as little as 10 minutes

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Learning Music Beliefs – Is This Belief Holding You Back From Your Full Learning Potential?

Personal Learning Beliefs in studying music is one of the few areas that does not get enough attention. It is the one thing that actually determines if we can become a good or great player and is based solely on our acknowledgment of what we can accomplish and what it takes to get there.

Overcoming Poor Beliefs

There are processes you must go through in order to achieve the goals of playing music like a pro, satisfying a music hobby for self fulfillment, or as an amateur musician in a band. Your belief system is high on the list. Letting your beliefs limit your abilities is one of the greatest factors holding us back from achieving our goals.

If you struggle with learning or follow through necessary to be able to play music, then this is one of the areas you should examine. If you teach, then this is also one process that you need to apply to your students.

Foremost, you need to believe that you can and will be able to learn what you need to be a musician. So how does one do that?

Let’s look at how children approach learning new concepts. In many cases they have no preconceived notion of what they can or can not achieve until they have at least tried to accomplish an act.

Your first step is to get rid of the notion that you can’t do it. How do you know you can’t do it?

The Right Questions

Ask yourself this simple question. Do I know that it is true that I can’t learn (insert your topic or judgment or stress associated with learning)? You may answer no or yes, just try to be honest about it.

Then ask this next question.

Do I absolutely know that it is true? Be very honest here. If you are honest you will answer that you know it is not true. Acknowledge that and move forward.

It’s almost impossible to absolutely know that you can’t accomplish something. Once you have acknowledged that aspect of your learning beliefs you need to move to the next step, which is turning it around.

Ask yourself, what or who would I be without this belief? Imagine that in your mind and embrace it. Take your time to really get a handle on how you would feel, look, and sound. Take that and say it out loud. This is the process of turning the belief around and allowing yourself to take control of the experience.